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HP SIM 5.0 errors Tape Library Door Open

Thomas Bauer_3
Frequent Advisor

HP SIM 5.0 errors Tape Library Door Open

We use a HP SIM 5.0

When ever we open the doors of our Tape Library an MSL6030 connected to an DL360, we get an error, which will not be marked cleared after the door is been closed again.

When we mark the items a repaired everything works fine until the next time.

Is this a bug with the HP SIM?
How could we solve the problem.

THX Thomas
PSP 7.51b
W2k SP4
Veritas 10

Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 errors Tape Library Door Open

We ever you get a message from the system you should got error, even in hp sim , and everytime after it will do the same, so no it not a bug!
I have a a system in cluster that shoot every day over 17 messages of error that it change cluster from one server to another.
Finaly i remove in the agent the cluster part.

Have a nice day!
Thomas Bauer_3
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 errors Tape Library Door Open

Hi Daniel,

from my point of view it in an error, because normaly when there is an events, for example, the server is down, we get an message, an when the server is up again, the HP SIM notice this again, and marks the event as cleared.
But in this case when the dorrs of the MSL6030 are closed again, the is not change in the status of the event.

We rebooted the system already, but no change.
So where is the difference between the traps of a server to the traps of the MSL6030?

THX Thomas