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HP SIM 5.1 - Newbie!

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HP SIM 5.1 - Newbie!


I am new to SIM in that we have always used it as a mere "nice to have".

We have 2 large datacenters (500servers in each) and wanted to get some information as to the best config practice in terms of resilency?

I have looked for guides but could find them so if anyone knows any, please link me?

But anyway, our main questions are

- does SIM allow for a Primar and Seconday management server, so that one is placed in Site A and the other in Site B, and both have visibility of the entire network (obv Layer 2 and Layer 3 permitting).

- If the above is not true, how do people achieve this? data base replication? etc?

MAny thanks!

David Claypool
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Re: HP SIM 5.1 - Newbie!

See --> Information Library for information in the following papers:

"Automation of two HP SIM 5.1 servers to provide Failover Event Handling"


"Deploying HP SIM 5.x on MSCS Clusters"
Jimmy Rueedi
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Re: HP SIM 5.1 - Newbie!

Interesting configuration...

I don't think there's a way to get a distributed, but cooperating configuration as you describe...

How are the data centers connected to each other?
What are your intentions by using HP SIM (Management, software deployment, monitoring/alerting,...?

If there is an absolute need in having a consolidated view, I would like to suggest a configuration like this:
- Server1 is hosting pure SIM and does the monitoring
- Server2 is hosting the DB
- Server3 is hosting the Version Control Repository for data center 1
- Server4 is hosting the Version Control Repository for data center 2
- Server5 does the proxy for messages (SMTP, paging, SMS, and so on...)

You may consolidate tow or three of those server in a way you prefer...

I never read about a configuration like I described, but this would be my approach, if this was my task...

Good Luck!

This way you may get a likely performant infrastructure