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HP SIM 5.1 SP1 - Reports - Storage - RAID type - No Data Available

Brian Wright_1
Frequent Advisor

HP SIM 5.1 SP1 - Reports - Storage - RAID type - No Data Available

I'm trying to generate a report that will show all my servers, and their Array configurations of the local disks. The SMH, will show what RAID type a Logical Drive is, and what disks are in that array, but the storage reports show "No Data Available" for EVERYTHING in the storage category - IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE...
Device Inventory
Device Controllers
Storage Ports
Storage Logical Units (What I really want)
Device Capacity
Changer Devices
Media Access Devices.

I have over 300 servers running Windows,ESX,Novell,Linux and the agents range from 7.0 -- 8.1, most of which are 7.91, but not a single server has this data captured in a Data Collection - I have all services enabled (physical,Application, Datalink..,Internet,End-to-end) in the SNMP Agent, and I've tried with WBEM as well, yet "No Data Available"

This is frustrating, and I'm in need of a solution!
Be Patient, I'm reloading.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.1 SP1 - Reports - Storage - RAID type - No Data Available

It is a correct statement that RAID information is not captured into the reports. This data does not really lend itself into a highly formatted report.

However, you can retrieve the information using the CLI of the Array Configuration Utility, as in (for Windows) the command:

c:\progra~1\compaq\hpacucli\bin\hpacucli "ctrl all show config detail"

You could put this into a Custom Tool (Remote Tool) in HP SIM and use the distributed task functionality (through SSH) to run the command remotely on systems and aggregate the output. Note: the ACU service has to be stopped first. A multi-system report from HP SIM would look like the attached.