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HP SIM 5.1 - Serv_XXXXXXX entries and iLO traps

Regular Advisor

HP SIM 5.1 - Serv_XXXXXXX entries and iLO traps

I have just installed SIM 5.1 and successfully discovered some iLOs and ProLiant servers. I have noticed the following issues:

1. The iLOs(show up under Management Processors), some of them are identified as
" in Server Serv_XXXXXXX"
where XXXXXXX is the server serial number. Some of them show the fully qualified host name of the server. Why and how can I fixed that? Name resolution works properly and in each iLO I entered the correct host name/iLO name.

2. In each iLO page under SNMP settings I added the SIM server as a destination and clicked the "Send Trap" to do a quick test. I cannot find them anywhere in SIM? Where are the traps being received/displayed? Do I need to configure anything else? I thought they should show up under "Events".

Thanks in advance for any advice,
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.1 - Serv_XXXXXXX entries and iLO traps

All name resolution is done via DNS. So if you want the ILO's to appear as names rather than IP Addresses then you'll need to make DNS entries for them.

ILO's can send traps by themselves, in which case the Event should be listed under the ILO itself, not the host server. They can also be configured to pass on SNMP Traps from the Host. I've never used this as I think it would just confuse matters. The main use is where the Network I/F for the host is down, that way you'd get an SNMP trap delivered.
Wayne Lance
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.1 - Serv_XXXXXXX entries and iLO traps

I'm having problem number 1 as well. And my DNS resolution is fine too. Both server and ILO can be resolved forward and reverse. And name resolution isn't suspect here anyway, since it isn't a matter of displaying the ILO IP rather than its name, the name is correctly listed in the System Name field. Rather, the problem is with its ability to correctly identify what server it is in. Usually the System Name for a Management Processor will be "'iloname', in Server 'servername'". But with the latest server I added, it says "'iloname, in Server 'Serv_ABC123'", where ABC123 is the serial number of the server. This is the first 64-bit server I've tried, so I suspect it has something to do with that. Anyone else had to crack this nut?
Wayne Lance
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.1 - Serv_XXXXXXX entries and iLO traps

Thought of one more thing, but can't edit my post, so I'll reply to it.

I also get an associated "Serv_ABC123" server in the list in addition to the actual server entry. So I have three things in my SIM for this one server: a Server called servername, a Management Processor called iloname in Server Serv_ABC123, and a Server called Serv_ABC123. Also, the server is a DL380 G5, and the 'servername' entry correctly shows that, but the Serv_ABC123 entry says it is a DL380 G3. Wierd.
A. Edens
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.1 - Serv_XXXXXXX entries and iLO traps

We use mostly 64 bit systems, so I don't think that will bother you much.

In our systems, I followed this procedure.

In each iLo proper, set it up so that it is either statically addressed with the proper DNS/IP information, or ensure that it is getting DHCP from a DNS server that allows dynamic updates. My BIND servers do not, so static it was.

Each iLo needs to have an A record in a zone somewhere. If you are dynamic and dig/nslookup finds it from your SIM server, your good.

Each iLo needs to have a PTR record as well. Same deal if dynamic. Test with dig/nslookup.

The server in question also needs A/PTR, and I suspect that might be where your problem lies. SIM should be able to discover the hostname, if not something is wrong there.

Did you name the server with it's serial number?

As to your trap question, The Windows SNMP service that SIM runs on needs to be configured.

1.) Under SNMP Service >> Traps, specify the community string to send traps with, and probably localhost.

2.) Under SNMP Server >> Security, either allow SNMP from any host, or make sure that the addresses you want to accept SNMP packets from exist.

3.) The servers you want to accept traps from need to be configured as well, with your SIM server as the destination.

Again, if your ilos' are listed as management processors with the correct DNS names under 'all systems', but your server isn't getting it's hostname shown, there is something wrong on the server discovery.

Wayne Lance
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.1 - Serv_XXXXXXX entries and iLO traps

Problem solved. Operator error. When the old server hardware was replaced with the current 64-bit box, the old box was rebuilt as a Linux server. But the person who did that never renamed or reconfigured the ILO. So all along I was actually connecting to some other box entirely. Once I noticed that the serial number in SIM didn't match the server, it became clear. I'm sure everything will be fine when I get the new box's ILO configured and get the old ILO out of the picture. Sorry to waste anyone else's time.
Ryan Bess

Re: HP SIM 5.1 - Serv_XXXXXXX entries and iLO traps

Your DNS may appear to be ok because you can ping the ip address and the name but try this. Open up the reverse lookup and forward lookup zones in DNS of where your server resides. I bet you find two entries in there.
James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.1 - Serv_XXXXXXX entries and iLO traps

Hello All,〈=en&cc=be&taskId=101&prodSeriesId=489496&prodTypeId=18964

This was supposed to be corrected in the SIM 5.1 release; However, the workaround still holds good. I have recently ..2 days ago.. implemented it & corrected this issue.