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HP SIM 5.1 sp1

Michael Laflin
Occasional Contributor

HP SIM 5.1 sp1

Currently trying to find out what is the minimal required protocols to get SIM 5.1 to work correctly. I will be using it for data gathering and system info, also to use VCRM and update software and drivers to managed systems, will be adding Storage Essentials to talk to EVA command view also TL command view. I am currently using the following protocols on the client agents.

SMH 2.0
SNMP 1.0
SSH 2.0 Open SSH 3.7.1 p 1

I need to know if it is needed and why?

I am also trying to lock down ports and I have been through the WP understanding HP SIM security document.
I will be installing agents on Linux servers as well.

One last item:
1.I am looking to understand the process of a workstation talking to the CMS server?
2.Cms server then talks to the managed server?
3.From the managed system back to CMS?
4.CMS server back to workstation?

Need only the required ports and protocols to work correctly?