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HP SIM 5.1 to send SNMP to CA TNG 3.1

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Mehran Amini
Occasional Contributor

HP SIM 5.1 to send SNMP to CA TNG 3.1

I would like to know from where I can find a document where it has detailed description of configuring SIM to send SNMP traps to TNG console.
I have already created an Automatic Event Handling task, but TNG can only see event for account login & logout from SIM, although I have set "All Event Type" but none gets sent to TNG console.
But e-mail works fine and I do receive all the events via e-mail. Wondering what else need to be configured or did I miss something.

Bellow is the detail of Automatic Event Handling task I have created:

View Definition: AutomaticEventHandler1
Task name: AutomaticEventHandler1
Time filter: None defined
Event collection: All Events
All event types

System collection: All Servers
system type is Server

Send e-mail
Subject:HP SIM Server
Message format:HTML

Forward as SNMP trap To:

Write to system log

E-mail settings:
E-mail SMTP host:
Sender's email address:
Server Requires Authentication: Yes
Account name: ma2admin
Password: *

Your help in guiding me very much appreciated.

Cindy Osborn
Valued Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.1 to send SNMP to CA TNG 3.1


Do you have your Unicenter server set to accept traps from any server or the sim server? Also have you loaded the HP mibs in Unicenter? Unicenter may be disgarding the raw traps.

Did you load the Unicenter integration pieces? You can download it from:

My Unicenter team didn't want to load the full intergration so I use SIM to forward translated SNMP traps to Unicener. Following the section entitled Generating event messages from HP Systems Insight Manager on page 52 in the pdf hpinsightunicenter33. This pdf file is in the files that are extracted from the above download.

Then I create my task handler in SIM with the events that I want Unicenter to cut a ticket with. This has actually worked out well. Then only negative is I have to know which events are critical that I want a ticket opened on as our Unicenter team would only do one MAR to handle the events.

Hope this helps.
Fred Nerks
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP SIM 5.1 to send SNMP to CA TNG 3.1

I read how cindy configured SIM to forward traps I have tried this as per document you kindly provided the URL to but I cannot get it to work. I must have missed something or miss understood something in the doco. But I am not sure if any thing other than the inicenter agents need to be installed on the SIM server (they talk about the unicenter event agent but not sure what this is). this is what i have done
1. installed unicenter agents
2. copied the hpsimnsm.cmd and hpsimnsm.exe from the integration agent files to C:\NSM\BIN
3. edit hpsimnsm.cmd as per doco
4. created custom tool as per doco
5. created Auto event handling task as per doco
the allerts come into SIM task runs and clears them but nothing ever shows up on unicenter console. I have tested sending traps from the SIM windows server using unicenter agents and they show up so prots are open. Its just the forwarding that does not work