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HP SIM 5.2 SP2 Discovery Not Found on Search


HP SIM 5.2 SP2 Discovery Not Found on Search

We recently stood up a virtual server to house our HP SIM server to monitor 1600+ servers. The SQL db is located on another server. We have been using this server fully populated for about 3 weeks without any problems. Now, when we discover a system either manually or via hosts file, SIM indicates that it is added buty when you do a search, is can not find it by name or IP. If you try to add again it errors out indicating that a system already exists by that name or IP. I have searched by "orphan" with no luck. If I search by partial name, the auto complete drop down will show the server and you can click on it and it displays the system page on the right (this may come from the actual server, don't know).
Prior to this week, everything worked just find when doing a discover. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

DJ in VA.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.2 SP2 Discovery Not Found on Search

While strictly speaking it is "supported" (i.e. listed in the QuickSpecs) to run HP SIM in a virtual machine hosted on VMware ESX 3.x or later (not supported on MSVS, HyperV, VMware Server or anything else), because of the resource requirements of a management application it is not always advisable. Personally, I wouldn't run a management application in a VM for anything more than a handful of systems.

For a more complete discussion, read the ProLiant Management Tip here: