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Re: HP SIM 5.2 SP2 issue

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HP SIM 5.2 SP2 issue

We are running SIM 5.2 with Sp2 but it does not detect most hardware related events from monitored servers. The only events received are "System is unreachable" when a server goes offline. No other issues are detected e.g a HDD failure. PSP's are all up to date. Has anyone struck this problem?
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Re: HP SIM 5.2 SP2 issue

They're two different processes. HW failures send snmp traps via the agents. Outages are from HPSIM polling the devices.

You need to ensure that the HPSIM Server has been added as a SNMP Trap Destination.

If you're on windows you can then go to Control Panel -> HP Management Agents GUI and use the SNMP Trap Send button. If all is set up correctly this will generate an event.
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Re: HP SIM 5.2 SP2 issue

You can also select the server, select configure and manage communications to do a quick check on HP SIM Communications with the server

You can then go on and use the quick repair tool, or the configure and repair agents to fix up things like trap issues, trusts etc.