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HP SIM 5.3 SP1 + Serious cert trust issues

Nicolai Rasmussen
Regular Advisor

HP SIM 5.3 SP1 + Serious cert trust issues

I'm unable to establish a trust between any of my servers (Windows and ESX4). I've set the Trust Mode to trust by certificate and imported the HP SIM cert as a trusted management server via smh. I've rerun identify system 100 times, and I still get the error "SMH trust status is false."

I've tried the step by step suggestions from this thread as well:

No luck...The HP SIM installation is new installation - not an upgrade.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.3 SP1 + Serious cert trust issues

The easiest way to verify the certificate is to log onto the SMH of one of your servers.
From the Settings -> Security Tab you should be able to see the listed Management Servers.

You can try deleting and then re-importing the certificate from the HP SIM server using the Get Certificate section.

Once done, rerun the identification task for the server.

Note for windows if you're using the VCRM you can pre-configure the SMH with the certificate.
Nicolai Rasmussen
Regular Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.3 SP1 + Serious cert trust issues

I've tried that numerous times already :(

I'm thinking that their could be some kind of inconsistency with the certificate. My server is called vCenter1 (it also runs vCenter server), I then have an a-record and a ptr called hpsim.mydomain.loc.

If SIM for some presents itself as vcenter1.mydomain.loc instead of hpsim.mydomain.loc (as it says in the certificate), the trust would not work?

How would I go about verifying/fixing this?