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HP SIM 5.3 and SNMP v2c traps

Willem Groen
Occasional Visitor

HP SIM 5.3 and SNMP v2c traps

Can somebody confirm that HP SIM 5.3 can receive v2c traps or not ?
I compiled a MIB for a Cisco IPS device without any problems but the the traps it self does not show. The Cisco IPS sends SNMP v2C traps.

kind regards,
fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.3 and SNMP v2c traps


As far as I know, it only supports V1 snmp traps.

However :-) , according to the following paper :

The mcompile tool verifies the syntax of all MIBs to be loaded into the system. mcompile resolves all MIB dependencies and, where necessary, converts SNMP SNMP v2 MIBs into v1 format for loading into the HP SIM database. mcompile is located in the \lbin directory and should be run from the \mibs directory. mcompile looks for all MIB files in the \mibs directory by default so any MIB that you intend to register should be copied to the \mibs directory. While mcompile does provide some capability to specify a different directory to search for MIBs, as a best practice HP strongly recommends you place all MIBs in the \mibs directory."

HP SIM has the capacity to compile v2 mibs into V1 : So if you managed to compile your v2 mib into HP SIM, thius means that now HP SIM can recieve an SNMP v1 trap from your device and understand / translate it.

But it can not understand a v2 based snmp trap.

hope it helps.

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