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HP SIM 5 SP4 VMM + VMware

Wolfgang Diener
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HP SIM 5 SP4 VMM + VMware


I have HPSIM5SP4 + VMM installed ich have Licensened and Registered my VMware Server 2.5x.

Now I have following Problems.
My Virtual Machine Names look like "HOSTNAME / FUNTIONNAME" in VMware, now the vmm-autodiscover inserts this name as networkname but this is not the real networkname and the health status is not o.k....

Is it possible to disable the VMM autodiscover mechanism, because i won´t have all my vm-machines in the SIM

Is it possible to insert manual a vmm machine like we do for our physical Server (Options/Discovery/manual...)

Is it possible to change the networkname in the database.


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Re: HP SIM 5 SP4 VMM + VMware

You can delete your vm nodes from your SIM and remove the IP addresses that you have assigned to the VM's from your discovery ip range, this should prevent your VM's to be showing up in your SIM.