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I have built a server

Operating system: Windows 2003
Version: Systems Insight Manager 5.1 with SP1 - Windows
Build version: C.
Build date: 2007-04-11 17:26

I set the SNMP community name on the SIM server The SNMP service is setup with this name on the server that I wish to manage (traps and security tabs).

The server I wish to manage also has the PSP. NOTE the HP SYSTEM HOMEPAGE works well.

I did a discovery on the SIM server and the IP and name of my server appears...however it only shows as UNKNOWN and no other information appears.

What am I missing??

Kevin Hittle

Re: HP SIM 5

OK...I'll bite...how do I do so?
Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5

Check all of this steps to see if you mist anything:

1 All you re server SNMP setting are set for TRAPS>Communite name(correc name),TRAPS>Communite name>traps destination> 1-server Insight & 2-

#2 All you re server snmp setting are set for SECURITE> Accepted community name>Communite name(correc name),All you re server snmp setting are set for SECURITE> Accepted community name>Communite name> Accepted packet from these host>1-server Insight & 2-

3# in youre Home page manegement>Setting>Securite
A_IP Binding-Nothing
B_IP Restricted Login-Nothing
C_Local Server Certificate-Nothing
D_Local/Anonymous Access-Nothing
E_Trust Mode>Secure Trust Modes:Trust by Certificate
F_Trusted Management Servers>Importe you Insight server certificate
G_User Groups-Nothing.

Re: HP SIM 5

OK...what it was missing was the WBEM login on the initial Setup Wizard. Must have skipped by accident!

Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5

Well super ,hope all you're problem was resolve with this action.


Re: HP SIM 5

Yes sir,

Your posts were helpful in pointing me in the right direction.

Thanks for the help!