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HP-SIM 6.0 and Oracle 11g

Richard Munn
Frequent Advisor

HP-SIM 6.0 and Oracle 11g

I had HP-SIM 5.3 running on using Oracle 11g. I just upgraded to 6.0 but the install bombed out and it looks like when it was trying to do an mxinitconfig it got a "org.hibernate.HibernateException: unknown Oracle major version [11]" error.

My reading suggest this is common with hibernate (used by jboss) and you need to set the oracle dialect to 10g. But I am not sure where you do this. Does somebody have an idea?

Having done this, how would I finish off the upgrade. Is it a matter of just running mxinitconfig again?

Also, the server I'm using is 64-bit windows 2008. 5.3 was 32 bit only and 6.0 is supposed to be 64 bit. But I'm not sure the upgrade goes 32-bit to 64-bit the program files do't seem to be in the right place under program files. Can I just do an upgrade or do I need to do something like mxexport, remove 5.3 install 6.0, mximport? I really don't want to loose my database (64 bit oracle) if I can avoid it. Any advise would be great!
Laura J Bryson
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP-SIM 6.0 and Oracle 11g

Hi Richard, I'm having a very similar issue - HP SIM 6.0 on Windows 2008 R2 64-bit with Oracle 11. It previously worked with HP SIM 5.3. At this point, I've removed HP SIM 5.3 from the server and dropped the database table, we're just trying to get the product installed. I was just wondering if you have resolved this, thank you in advance.
Richard Munn
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP-SIM 6.0 and Oracle 11g

Yes we did.
You have to find the jboss persistence
The file is in
jboss\server\hpsim\deploy\ejb3.deployer\META-INF\ (I think this is the right path).

Anyway you need to set hibernate.dialect to Oracle10g

Yes I noticed the 64/32 bit problem too. I think you need to remove it and reinstall then import the database.

For other reasons we had to go back to 5.3 which due to problems with SMH.