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HP SIM 6 upgrade


HP SIM 6 upgrade

I have just upgraded from HP SIM 5.3 sp1 and am now having a host of issues.
For one I am no longer being notified of events via emails. Test emails work fine. Events that trigger email sending show up as pending in task resulst.
For two none of my Linux servers show up in their respective enclosures any longer, nor do they show up properly identified.

If anyone has had these issues please help.
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Re: HP SIM 6 upgrade


We also had some similar issues with servers that didn't show up in the right enclosure etc.
Solved this by re-discovering everything. Simply start the discovery process on your whole network. This could take a while, so maybe you want to do it over night...

We didn't have the mail issue. Issue we had was I was not able to create new tasks with a domain user with administrative rights on the server and hpsim. When I used a lokal admin user on the server (which is also a hpsim admin), this worked fine. Maybe you have to re-create the rules as a lokal sysadmin?