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HP SIM 7.01 failed sign-in into clients

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HP SIM 7.01 failed sign-in into clients

Hi. I have SIM C.07.01 in a Proliant ML350 G5 with 12 Gb of RAM and Windows 2008 Enterprise R2 x64 and Microsoft SQL 2008 installed on it. I have several clients on the SQL DDBB, and it is doing some weird things.


I had before the 6.3 SIM version into a Windows 2003 server with Microsoft SQL 2008 (the same version and with the same key), and had to move it to another server in order to upgrade, so I made a DDBB backup with the SQL tool, and after installing the SIM 7.1 version I restored the DDBB backup, and I got all the clients, users and so on.

All seemed to work properly, but when the application is getting the data from a client (either with an automated task or a manual "Identify Systems", I get in the client sign-in attempswith not existing users in the client profile.


I alredy tried removing the client from the application, and rediscovering it again with the right user. I also tried to edit the system credentials in order to view / set the right ones.

So, I don't have the user (for example) admin in the system credentials, the global settings or in the discovery settings, and when I do a manual "Identify Systems", I get a failed login of user admin in the client.


Any clue in what to do next?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: HP SIM 7.01 failed sign-in into clients

Hi all. Nobody has a clue in what is happening here?

I did a fresh new install of everything, also as the SEA was not working well and all is fine now.

But I still have the same errors in the clients, even though I did not import de DDBB from the previous version, and discovered the clients again from scratch (also did on those clients a remove all the WBEM, insight software).


So I only have in mind that it could be due to an application bug, so I will probably wait till the 7.1.1 version comes out and see whats new on it.

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Re: HP SIM 7.01 failed sign-in into clients

I am closing this thread as I am waiting for v.7.1.1 to come over.

I will look at these erros to see if they dissappear with the update.

If not, I think it could be also because I set the trusted relatioship with a certificate.


Anyway, will have to wait.