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HP SIM 7.2 MXDOMAINMGR memory leak and disk I/O high

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HP SIM 7.2 MXDOMAINMGR memory leak and disk I/O high

Hi..  I hope someone can help me with this.. our HP Sim 7.2 on windows 2k8 R2  is running high on memory..


btw its on a VM  .. we allocated 8GB ram and it is currently consuming 7.5GB constantly...


DISK i/o is also very high... the machine is pretty much bogged down.. and when i log into the server everything is soo slow... just to open up any windows its very very sluggish...


anyone know why   MXDOMAINMGR is using about 5GB of ram


and  SQLSERVER process is consuming about 2GB of ram...


I am new at this so  I am trying to figure out whats causing these 2 process to eat up all the memory and causing the machine to also have high  Disk I/O


any help , pointers or advice on how to go about this would be greatly appreciated..


Thank you.


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Re: HP SIM 7.2 MXDOMAINMGR memory leak and disk I/O high

Hello there,

The load on your VM is not that strange when Sim and SQL are on the same virtual machine. I don't know how many objects exist in SIM but if possible run the SQL on a seperate machine, when you use a virtual for the SQL use a different esx if possible. The disk IO is killing SIM.

Kind regards,

Kind regards,