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Re: HP SIM 7.3 and UCMDB Integration

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HP SIM 7.3 and UCMDB Integration



I'm trying to integrate SIM and UCMDB by following the Integration document. But really not clear aboute few things:

1) the doc. says that Populate SIM Database field in SIM protocol..... Question is where it is suggesting to make the changes?


2) When I create the Interation Adaptor, it asks for a Trigger CI Instance. What is this? and what should I select here? If I select Existing CI, then it lists out IP addresses - what IP Address am I supposed to choose?


3) IsUCMDB and SIM is going to communicate via WebServices? Where do I get the details as to ports etc. and where in UCMDB configuration I update the details?


Any help is highly appreciated.




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Re: HP SIM 7.3 and UCMDB Integration



You've likely found the solution, but the Trigger CI in this context is the SIM Server's IP.


The documentation leaves a lot to be desired.