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HP SIM 7.3 not receiving snmp trap test


HP SIM 7.3 not receiving snmp trap test


We have a Windows 2008 R2 HP Sim 7.3.0 server which is not receiving snmp trap tests from a Windows 2008 R2 standard server running HP System Manamgement homepage v7.3.2.1

If i restart this server is see some messages in HP Sim, but when i disconnect one power supply i don't receive any messages. In the eventviewer i can see that the test trap has been sent.

If i restart the server i see cold start messages and linkup messages from this server in HP Sim so it look likes the communication between both servers is ok but i am still wondering why i don't see the test trap messages or the power cable disconnect.

What is wrong? Thanks for your help.

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Re: HP SIM 7.3 not receiving snmp trap test

If you run a test trap from the Sim server itself does that work? Is the dataprovider SNMP or WBEM, switch to SNMP if you have'nt done so then look at your SNMP settings. If you could post a screenshot of your SNMP settings.


The later agents tend to be set on WBEM, that can also work, but then you would have to set the WBEM subscription. The subscription can be set from Sim under the option menu.

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