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HP-SIM 7.3 requires uniquely named MIB variables?

Occasional Advisor

HP-SIM 7.3 requires uniquely named MIB variables?

Using HP-SIM 7.3 November 2014 update...


I ran across an issue attempting to 'fix' the THREEPARMIB.MIB so that my 3PAR 7200c actually reports events with a severity other than informational.  In the process of doing this, I kept getting an incorrect trap description for the mib variable 'state' ({alertentry 9}); no matter how I changed the description string .CFG file and reloaded it via mxmib, I kept getting the string "Current State of this Physical Drive.".


A quick pass of grep over the MIB files showed a MIB variable in HPNR.MIB also called 'state' which contains the description string I am getting.


I went back into the THREEPARMIB.CFG file, changed references to the variable 'state' to 'ThreeParState', reloaded the .CFG file once more, and now the traps work as expected.


As it is, the HP-supplied THREEPARMIB.MIB and corresponding .CFG file dated 02/06/2014 are not completely useful.


Is it documented some where that HP-SIM requires MIB variables that have unique names across *all* loaded MIBs?