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HP SIM 7.4 - SCSI/IDE/Storage Status Unknown

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HP SIM 7.4 - SCSI/IDE/Storage Status Unknown



I've tried everything I could think of - can't seem to get G4-6 DL360s/380s to reporting ther SCSI, IDE, Storage status to the SIM server. I have a G8 that reports just fine. 


Installed the latest psp/management agents. Firmware/drivers should be latest. I verified the storage management agents are active.


Anyone else experiencing this or know of a fix? 

(see attachment) 



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Re: HP SIM 7.4 - SCSI/IDE/Storage Status Unknown


If you have an onder hardware platform look for older PSP packages. Or at least try an older WBEM agent like the 9.20 version at

The latest agent's don't support older hardware. The package i mentioned above is a Windows 2003 example, it could be that you have an other OS installed on you server. Then look one or to steps up and select your OS or DL 360.
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