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HP SIM + Citrix + DL360 help

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HP SIM + Citrix + DL360 help



Hopefully this is the correct forum for this question.


We're having an issue with HPSIM at the moment. The issue arrises when using when using Xenserver 6.1 on a DL360 G6. HPSIM reports a minor error, but when you log onto the server managment page the system status is healthy.


I've also tested this with a G5, there is a NIC error on that server but this is not being showed in HPSIM (only on the system managment page).


The odd thing is, one G6 works at the moment, firmware versions are the same as the ones that don't work.


We have used hp agents 9.2 and 9.3 with the same result.


Is there anything you can suggest?


Hope there's enough information there, let me know if you need anything else.


Thanks in advance, Shaun.



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Re: HP SIM + Citrix + DL360 help

Hello Shaun,

IT you could try to change the datasource setting on the system management homepage under settings.
Some errors show only in snmp of wbem. System Management Homepage shows one set at a time but Sim can show wbem and snmp at the same time. When do you see the error on the System Management Homepage ? Wbem of snmp as the datasource...?

Kind regards,

Kind regards,