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HP SIM Cluster Monitor

Rick Loevenstein
Occasional Advisor

HP SIM Cluster Monitor

I added clusters to SIM using the following procedure:
1. Added the "Clustering Information" management agent to each cluster node.
2. Restarted SNMP and the HP management agents on each cluster node.
3. Discovered each cluster IP address in SIM (the cluster nodes were already present in SIM).
4. All clusters were discovered successfully and appear in the "MSCS Clusters" collection. I can open Cluster Monitor and view the Cluster, Nodes, Network, and Resources tabs. This all looks good.

Here is my problem. Some of the clusters have a "Major / Orange" or "Minor / Yellow" status. When I view the Cluster, Nodes, Network, and Resources tabs, all components are green. So...what is causing the cluster to show an incorrect status? HW and SW status for the cluster nodes are also green. I also noticed that some of the clusters with a "Green" status should actually have an orange or yellow status, because one or more cluster resources are offline.

It appears SIM discovered the clusters but is not actually monitoring them. What am I missing? How is the cluster status obtained? Is there supposed to be a Cluster Monitor scheduled task?
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP SIM Cluster Monitor

Same here. I also noticed, too, in my SIM 5.3 that when I click the 'Health Status', it takes me to the SMH of the active node. On the one cluster that appears with a green health status, it takes me to the MSCS Status page within in SIM.

Both cluster nodes show up correctly as 'nodename in clustername'. The Cluster Information agent is active on both nodes and all software and firmware are up to date(PSP 8.30). I just can't get the cluster to 'go green'.

Mostly I've just tried rediscovering everything in different orders, but still nothing.

I appreciate any suggestions.
Ralph Frampton
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM Cluster Monitor

Have you tried checking the SNMP service on both cluster nodes?

One of our clusters recently changed status to Critical & when I investigated I found that the SNMP service was not running on one of the nodes (the active one) after MS updates were done last month.

I re-started the SNMP service & HPSIM was able to properly show the Normal status again.

You may also want to check the server nodes SMH page for protocol selection. It may have changed to WBEM and maybe you need to keep it at SNMP in order for the agents to properly reflect the status of the nodes.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM Cluster Monitor

I'd also check the IML on both nodes. Clear any events in it.