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HP SIM Disk Thresholds configuration?

Zhang, Jun-Wu
Occasional Advisor

HP SIM Disk Thresholds configuration?

Hi alls,
I am a little confused about the HP SIM's disk thresholds configuration. Why I still need to Reset critical disk usage threshold, even though I have configurated the critical disk usage threshold? The same issue about warning disk usage thresholds. I have searched some reference guides, but failed to figue it out, could you please help me? Thanx!
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM Disk Thresholds configuration?

Not quite sure what you mean.
The threshold is configured in the Agent.

Once done an SNMP Trap will be triggered when the threshold is crossed.
There's no "reset" as such. No additional alerts are given unless the disk space drops below the threshold and crosses it again or the agents are restarted.