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HP SIM Disk space reports.

david fernandez_2
Occasional Contributor

HP SIM Disk space reports.

Hi all,

I have plugged int othe HP SIM backend to have a look at the tables.
I am using HP SIM Systems Insight Manager 5.0 with SP4 - Windows.
I am looking at the CIM_logicalDisk table where it stores all the servers plus the disk space. BUT 90% of my servers are not there.
My servers are all configured correctly and with version 7.40A of the management agents.

We use this data to look at our disk space and manage our disk space. Does any one know how to make HP SIM see the servers Disk space correctly.


David Fernandez
Kenneth Wernicke
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP SIM Disk space reports.

Hi David,

We had the same problem. Some servers are available, some not. But when you query the database, the missing data is stored under the iLO ip address instead of the server name.

It turns out te be a problem with the Management Processors. Sometimes, we reset the iLO card because of the DHCP database we use for iLO. When we do this, the problem occur.

Try deleting the server (not the iLO) from SIM and adding it afterwards. Now, the right servername is linked in the database and the server is available in the reports.