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HP SIM Globalization

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HP SIM Globalization

I have 2 HP SIM boxes for different regions.
Each box include 300+ servers and systems.
I'd like to build one big global SIM box for both regions.
Current SIM boxes are version 5.3 SP1 and installed on W2k3 and remote SQL2005 SP3
What will be the right way to do it?
I have read the -
but didn't find any specific guidelines.
Probably somebody already did something similar.

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Re: HP SIM Globalization


I am not sure what you a re really trying to achieve...

1/What do you want to achieve with this Master SIM server ?

A/Are you willing to replace the existing 2 servers by a one big SIM server ?

B/Are you willing to add a big server on top of the other two ?

For A/

To my opinion, a single SIM could handle both regions in terms of workload if properly sized.

The HP SIM sizer can help you define the right config for it.

Now concerning, the tuning of the sim server itself regarding polling times, datacollection, time out periods parameters.. the doc you mentionned on page 6-12 gives you a few hints on how to finetune SIM to better handle this.

You would need to configure collections relevant per regions and sub collections within regions by importance of managed devices.
This would help you see how status polling should be set depending on :
1-importance of the server
2-lan/wan link to the server

The same rule should be applied to event handling and datacollection.

For B/

As the paper states it, the top sim server does not perform all the actions : it is a different approach where tasks are spread across the different SIM servers : the master one being responsible for the following
ï · List of all server and important systems
ï · For inventory, contract, and warranty
ï · Long poll cycles (daily)
ï · Daily data collections (off-production hours, by region)
ï · No event handling except for it regional CMS

hope it helps

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