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Re: HP SIM - HP Insight Control

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HP SIM - HP Insight Control



in our company we have HP servers, and we want to supervise with HP SIM, so I have a questions about HP SIM and HP


Insight Control:


1 - What is the license price of HP SIM 7.4 ?    and what is the license price of HP Insight Control ?


2 - can i install HP SIM 7.4 without HP insight Control ?


3 - what is the differance between HP-SIM and HP Insight Control ?




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Re: HP SIM - HP Insight Control



SIM is free Insight Control isn't, so if you only want to monitor your hardware SIM would be my first choice.


SIM can be downloaded from


Insight Control adds OS deployment VM manangement etc, so if you already have that the choice is easy.

Insight Control is a suite SIM is just hardware monitoring, that is you can also montor the up/down events from othet things like virtuals etc. You can also do basic cluster monitoring and diskspace but that's about it.


SIM and Insight Control have been replaced by HP by Oneview but that suite is more like Insight Control, if you just need the haredware monitoring i would recomend SIM.


Insight Control prices can be found here :,C6N31A,T9101ABE,C6N38AAE,C6N38A,C6N28AAE,C6N27A&jumpid=in_r3924_insightcontrol_vplazaola_heasmith


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Re: HP SIM - HP Insight Control

If you feel you want to use Insight Control and take advantage of power capping and control on your HP devices, note that it also requires an Insight Control license per iLO, which is basically the next level above iLO Advanced (usually referred to as an iCE license).  It's not a lot more, but a differently license level.