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HP SIM - HTTP Server Password

Occasional Contributor

HP SIM - HTTP Server Password

How do I systematically change the password for earlier version of SIM agents on each managed server. For instance, Change HTTP Server Password I'm running the latest SIM 5.1, but a lot of our legacy systems have earlier agents that were loaded from smartstart 5.5 and up.

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM - HTTP Server Password

For the earlier agents the password was stored in the file c:\compaq\wbem\cpqhmmd.acl.

You can copy this file from a server that has a password you want to the remaining servers.

I don't know of a way of changing the password in a batch manner for the older agents.

You should look to updating the entire Proliant Support Pack on the older servers. Quite a few issues have been addressed since 5.5 and you do get more features from the agents.