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Re: HP-SIM Issue

Occasional Contributor

HP-SIM Issue

Hi Team,

Could please help me how to fix below issue. SNMP configuration is good and there is ILO issue but still alert is open.

SNMP -  There is a minor problem that is causing limited interference.
iLo -  There is a minor problem that is causing limited interference.



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Re: HP-SIM Issue

Do you have ILO4 servers that have this problem ? Or are they a mix of servers? I've seen ILO4 servers that have a flashcard error that gives this status but no event. So the polling gives a minor status and no event is send.

Kind regards,

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Re: HP-SIM Issue

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes i have ILO4 servers.could you please tell me how to fix this issue. where i can see flash card issue?


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Re: HP-SIM Issue



You can use hponcfg on the OS to format de Flash using the below script":


<!-- RIBCL Sample Script for HP Lights-Out Products -->

<!--Copyright (c) 2016 Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Development Company,L.P. -->


<!-- Description: This is a sample XML script to force format ll -->

<!-- the iLO partitions. -->

<!-- iLO resets automatically for this operation to take effect -->


<!-- Warning: This command erases all data on the partition(s) -->

<!-- External providers will need to be re-configured if -->

<!-- partition is formatted -->


<!-- Input: VALUE tag: all - format all available partitions -->


<!-- NOTE:You will need to replace the USER_LOGIN and PASSWORD values -->

<!-- with values that are appropriate for your environment -->


<!-- See "HP Integrated Lights-Out Management Processor Scripting -->

<!-- and Command Line Resource Guide" for more information on -->

<!-- scripting and the syntax of the RIBCL XML -->


<!-- Firmware support information for this script: -->

<!-- iLO 4 - Version 2.42 or later. -->

<!-- iLO 3 - None. -->

<!-- iLO 2 - None. -->



<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="">

<RIB_INFO MODE="write">





Kind regards,