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HP SIM: Monitoring Cluster Problem

Occasional Contributor

HP SIM: Monitoring Cluster Problem


we are monitoring a lot of cluster systems.

My problem is, that HP SIM only show one cluster node. If i click on the details of this node, there are a few IP Addresses shown.

I would like to see all cluster nodes of a cluster. Is that possible?

Best regards
Jeff Peil
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM: Monitoring Cluster Problem

You can monitor both nodes, and they will be recognized as a cluster. Check the following:

1. Each node, go into Control Panel, HP Management Agents, make sure Cluster Monitor is active for each node. If not, change it, restart SNMP service.

2. Run a discovery on each node, then run a disovery on the cluster name itself.

3. Make sure your agents are up to date.

4. SNMP configured correctly, etc.

That is what seems to work for our clusters. Sometimes you have to delete a node and run a discovery on each or on the cluster name to get them to show up as a cluster.
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Re: HP SIM: Monitoring Cluster Problem

Thanks for your reply.

I´ve checked your tips but they are all ok.

The HP SIM still show only one or sometimes none of the cluster nodes.

If I click on Cluster Monitor - Node Ressource Settings... all of my cluster haven´t got a node. That´s very strange.