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Re: HP SIM Novice

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HP SIM Novice

I'm an IT apprentice and have been thrown into the deep end by my manager who wants me to set up the HP SIM on our new server. I have installed it successfully however i cannot work out how to set it up so that when a hard drive fails or is removed, it sends an email to say.
Thanks in advance for your help
suzan maxey
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Re: HP SIM Novice

To set up SMTP:

Options->Events->Automatic Event Handling->Email Settings

You can set up your Event Handling Tasks as well under Automatic Event Handling. "New Task" will lead you through it.

Rob Buxton
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Re: HP SIM Novice

Key is understanding what's going on.
There are HP Agents installed on the server (part of the PSP). These monitor the hardware. They use SNMP to send a trap if there's an issue. That means ensuring the Trap Destination is set in HPSIM. HPSIM gets the alert and then performs an action that you configure. The easiest action to set up is a generic one to catch all Major and Critical events. Then from a server with the agents installed go to Control Panel -> HP Management Agents GUI and use the Trap Send which should generate a major event.

There's a separate process where HPSIM polls servers to see if they're responding. The Hardware polling task. This will generate an event if the server is unreachable. In this case it's HPSIM itself that generates the event.