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HP SIM - Reporting on Proliant Firmware

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HP SIM - Reporting on Proliant Firmware

Hi guys,

I have about 200+ proliant servers ml/dl/bl. I'd like to be able to run a report in SIM to list the firmware of the following:

  • System ROM
  • iLO Card
  • Nic
  • Smart Array
  • HBA if present
  • SAS disk

I'm using a mix of snmp and wbem providers depending on the system. I find SIM pretty useless in its reporting capabilities in regards to firmware. For instance, on the system tab of any server in SIM the third expandable link is for 'Firmware and Software Revision". This lists the minimal information and although there are 5 column heads, I've only ever seen the first 3 populated. Am I missing something here?????

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Ralph Frampton
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Re: HP SIM - Reporting on Proliant Firmware

You don't mention the version of HP SIM that you are using, I'm guessing it's something newer than 5.1 as the tab that you mentioned doesn't exist in our version.


I'd be surprised and disappointed (when we update) if newer versions of HP SIM didn't include custom reporting capability, have you tried creating a custom Report via the Reports - New Report or Manage Reports menus? Most of and/or if not all of what you are looking for can be obtained that way by including selections from the applicable sections:


Inventory - ROM Version
- good for server BIOS & ILO firmware version


Installed Controllers - Board Firmware
- good for array controller & ILO firmware version
- will list other devices though which you may not be interested in and/or which have no data to display (this may depend on whether SNMP/WBEM used during data collection, currently I see our HP SC08Ge HBA in this group)

Physical Disk Drives - Drive Firmware
- firmware versions for SCSI & SAS drive types


Array Controllers - Firmware Revision
- does not appear to include HBA's