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HP SIM SNMP trouble

Martin Stensland
Occasional Advisor

HP SIM SNMP trouble


I have set up HP SIM on a Windows 2003 Server, and now I'm trying to monitor servers at several remote locations.

The SIM server is communicating with the remote servers in some ways. HP SMH and VCA and VCRM are all working fine, but I can't for the life of me understand how to set up the SNMP to function properly over different networks.

The SIM server receives SNMP traps from the mangaged server, because it appeared under All Systems. I also get traps whenever something "happens" on it. BUT, the traps come from the LAN IP of the remote servers. Naturally SMH, VCA and so on communicates with the server trhough the WAN IP of the firewall (with port mapping to the server).

So, when I try to Identify systems, the SIM says the remote server doesn't answer on SNMP.

I reckon this is because the SNMP request is sent to the WAN IP of the firewall, and that the IP that's somehow "intergrated" into the SNMP trap, is the LAN IP of the server.. So, when it returns to the SIM, it's from a different IP than the one the SIM sent to, causing the proble?

I feel like I'm so close to completing this "setup" now, but I need this feature so I can monitor the status of the servers as well..

Please, if someone can shed some light on this, it would be extremely appreciated.


Regards, Martin
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP SIM SNMP trouble


Make sure that your SNMP Security settings on the managed servers allow for your SIM server to send SNMP packets to them.

Bring up properties of SNMP Service on a managed system. On the security tab, make sure that "Accept SNMP packets from these hosts" is selected and then enter the IP or hostname of the SIM server along with "LocalHost" in the dialog box.

Then run "Identify host" for that managed server. You should see it recognize SMH and SNMP, etc.