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HP SIM Scheduled job error


HP SIM Scheduled job error

Hi experts ,


We are trying to integrate HP SIM to BMC event manager .

While running a schedule task in HP SIM . It doesnot exceute and send out an error which is provided below .



ID: 294579

Status: Failed
Start time: 7/11/13 11:19 AM
Task name: BPPM AGENT End time: 7/11/13 11:19 AM
Tool: BPPM AGENT Duration: 78 ms
Owner: ad\v0200430 Target: simmgr1-m
Run by: ad\v0200430
Command: C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe C:\BMCSoftware_PA\BEMAgent\BEM\script\

System Name: simmgr1-m
Status: Failed

Exit code: -1
Stdout: None

Could not retrieve SSH private key with the supplied passphrase.
This could indicate that HP Systems Insight Manager is not properly initialized.
Refer to the help for the instructions on re-initializing HP Systems Insight Manager



The Screen shot is also attached for reference.

Does some one can help me on this fix .