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HP SIM Server IP Address Changed in CMS?

UK Bladerunner
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HP SIM Server IP Address Changed in CMS?

My HP Systems Insight Manager had been working fine for months until recently when (I think after the SIM Server was rebooted) the IP Address of the SIM Server/VCRM changed to within the CMS. It used to display the servers normal IP address 192.168.###.##, but now displays the local host web page address.

This has had a knock on affect on my Version Control Repository Manager which is now not trusted and I can't access it through the CMS or from any of the clients within SIM.

I am using HP SIM ver 5.0 SP2 - Windows

Will installing the latest SP fix this or is it something more problematic?
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Re: HP SIM Server IP Address Changed in CMS?

take a look of this question. Mikael have the same problem, but seems it still be opened:

I don't know if following the steps showen in this document can help you just momentarily as Mikael, but you can try :)

UK Bladerunner
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP SIM Server IP Address Changed in CMS?

Many Thanks LukaS for your reply. Glad to see that I am not the only person to be experiencing this problem and that it appears to be quite common... I am hoping that HP are looking into this and working on a fix..!?

If anyone knows of a permanent fix release please update this thread with relevant info.

Many Thanks all.