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HP SIM Single Sign On roles/authorization for Blade enclosures


HP SIM Single Sign On roles/authorization for Blade enclosures

Hi All,

We have nearly 31 HP c7000 enclosures, managing which is obviously not simple task. We implemented SIM and have proposed integrating all the hosts (ESX/Windows) within HP SIM for better visibility. We also found that using Single Sign On, we can use our Windows ID to login to blade enclosures via SIM; which also enables auditing as each administrator will have his/her own id/password. Currently we are having a generic ID created on all enclosures which is shared with all administrators. Hence we are proposing the new approach of using SIM and hiding the generic ID (to avoid by pass).

We tried to map a new user to “Operator Template” which worked quite closely what we are looking for but it also allowed user to manage Onboard Administrator’s settings (like Local user id/password, Networking, alerting etc) which is not right.

We are looking for 3 or 4 roles to be defined for different team-

1) Monitoring (for monitoring team)- Read events/logs, view alerts, status of hardware, and take only console access (but perform no action like interact/power/media management).

2) Operators (for server administrators) – Power options, integrated console, read logs, virtual media and kind of limited rights, but no rights on Onboard administrator settings like local user, networking, alerting etc.

3) Administrators- Full administrative right (which is fine)

We tried manually creating new toolboxes with estimated tools/options but that didn’t work exactly (e.g. MP Tools\iLO Control and iLo Tools\Integrated Remote Console but user was still not able to take console access for blade/server). Also there are no list/definition details available of tools in HP SIM.

Could someone help us achieve the same by listing the toolbox items to be granted for above roles?

We are using HP SIM 6.2 running on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2.

Do let me know if you require any further details.