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HP SIM Trap Customization (Cisco Traps)

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HP SIM Trap Customization (Cisco Traps)



I've got an install of HP SIM 7.1 with the pre-compiled Cisco MIBS plus a few extras, I'm receiving the traps no problem and these are being e-mailed.

However my issue is with the content of the e-mails, I simply get generic description as the body of the e-mails. My goal is to get the full trap data as the body of the e-mail. 

If I look in "All Events" within the SIM Console I can see that HP SIM has indeed interpreted all the information and has the relevant trap data I'm after, however this isn't e-mailed.


Below is an example:


Event Details: (SNMP) clogMessageGenerated 

Event Identification and Details 

Event Severity   Informational

Cleared Status Not cleared

Event Source x.x.x.x

Associated System x.x.x.x

Associated System

Status  Normal

Event Time Tuesday, 6/18/2013, 11:27 AM WEST

Description When a syslog message is generated by the device a clogMessageGenerated notification is sent. The sending of these notifications can be enabled/disabled via the clogNotificationsEnabled object.

Event Category Unassigned

Assignee   Comments  

Trap Details 

Variable Description

Value Name of the facility that generated this message. For example: ``SYS``. SYS The severity of the message. alert A textual identification for the message type.

A facility name in conjunction with a message name uniquely identifies a message type. CPUFALLINGTHRESHOLD The text of the message. If the text of the message exceeds 255 bytes, the message will be truncated to 254bytes and a ``*`` character will be appended - indicating that the message has been truncated. Threshold: Total CPU Utilization(Total/Intr) 15%/1%. The value of sysUpTime when this message was generated. 859755664
Mib Information
The associated MIB File Name for this trap is cisco-syslog.mib and the MIB identifier CISCO-SYSLOG-MIB



Could somone point me in the direction of how to get this working? I've read a little about customising the .cfg file for the MIB in question however documentation appears to be a little vague on the syntax for MSG_FORMATTER and operators etc..


Thanks in advance.



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Re: HP SIM Trap Customization (Cisco Traps)

I don't have a solution for you, but a question - is this by chance a Cisco UCS system? If so, did you follow any documentation and where did you find it? I need to add a UCS enclosure in soon and see how it works. I can load the MIBs in, but am not 100% sure on the association with system types (i know this isn't always needed, but i want SIM to identify the systems as Cisco).


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Re: HP SIM Trap Customization (Cisco Traps)



Unfortunately it isn't for the Cisco UCS system, it's for Catalyst Switches and Cisco IOS based routers.


What I have managed to achieve was done by cobbling together several bits of HP information on how to compile MIBS into HP-SIM.

A process with which I'm quite familar now.


If there's any assistance I can be let me know.



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Re: HP SIM Trap Customization (Cisco Traps)

Your right it is difficult to get reliable information on this issue.

Many documents disappeared over the last years.


What I can recommend is that you try the HTML format of the email which will add the details

similar as if you click on the event inside SIM and you get the event details.


It is a long time ago we had the similar situation at customer site.

I showed the customer a HP example of Event details and we analyzed the MIB file for this trap type

The field descriptions are very good visible in the comment line of the MIB. 

We only changed the comments inside the customer MIB file , recompiled and reloaded the CFG file and we got a very nice formatted trap information in the email and the event details inside SIM.


More complex handling can be done by using  a script in the event task automation. 

E.g.. If you have multiple parameter inside a snmp trap parameter variable.

The passing of the variables is tricky but once you got the the idea you can do a lot more. 

We used Perl but it should be possible to use powershell.

You should be able to find some hints on this community site.