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HP SIM Warranty-Contract Report

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HP SIM Warranty-Contract Report


I use HP SIM 5.2. I have the servers well discovered but I have a problem when i try to report their warranty-contract properties. (Report menu -> new report -> add target (all systems collection) -> General -> Warranty-Contract). Only appears 11 servers!!! in my land there ara 600 servers! I don't know why..... can you help me?
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Re: HP SIM Warranty-Contract Report

workaround for this (I have over 1400) and depending on the model type you get good info back

- organize your servers by a collection - advanced search - systems - product type = whatever you want

download hp product bulletin (has all of the quickspecs and models)

Get the product type (from hp product bulletin) - look at the device under models

Select the ones you aren't getting any warranty info on

select all of them

select options - set systems properties

plug in a product number (under customer entered product number)

once you have this select all of the servers - select contract and warranty collection - this will force the lookup

you will find that if you have servers where the motherboard has been replaced and they didn't plug in the model / serial you will have issues

usually by doing it thsi way you can knock out bunches of them..