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HP SIM - Windows vs. Linux

Sigurdur Bjornsson
Occasional Contributor

HP SIM - Windows vs. Linux

Hi there!

I am thinking about implementing HP SIM but
I am wondering which platform to choose.
I know from previous experience with HP
Web JetAdmin that there were quite a number
of features that weren't available if you ran
it on Linux.

I haven't found a document that lists pros
and cons of each OS.

Is there anyone out there that want's to
share their experience?
Aravindh Rajaram
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM - Windows vs. Linux

Here is the list of features that are not available on a Linux HP SIM.

- Pager Notification.
- DMI based management.
- Initial ProLiant Support Pack Install
- Install OpenSSH
- For cross platform WBEM based management you need to depend on WMI mapper which should be installed on a Windows box.
- Most importantly, there are plug-ins to HPSIM, namely HP Performance Management Pack, HP Virtual Machine Management, HP Vulnerability and Patch Management which can work only with the Windows version of HPSIM.

This is what I know and I hope it covers all. But one more thing to note is that HPSIM on a Linux box is faster!
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM - Windows vs. Linux

If you are in a mixed Windows/Linux environment, there is much more capability for a Windows-hosted solution to manage Linux targets than the other way around. You definitely should choose Windows unless you have a 'pure' Linux environment.
gianluca cecchi_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP SIM - Windows vs. Linux

Hello all.
Any news about this topic?
What is relationship in 5.2 u1 between Linux and windows SIM?
Did the Linux version mind the gap?
The environment to manage would be in my case:
- Linux, windows and ESX 3.x servers
- rack based and blades

Thanks in advance.

Robert Brooks_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM - Windows vs. Linux

If you want to take advantage of the logical server paradigm (part of the Virtual Server Environment), you need to use a Windows CMS.

-- Rob