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HP SIM&Hp NetServer

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HP SIM&Hp NetServer

Hallo!I have some HP NetServers are they supporting by last version of HP SIM?And how I can configure them for SIM monitoring? (TopTools Agents or Insight Agents). And can I Integrate HP SIM with NNM for Solaris? Thank you!
fred Passeron
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Re: HP SIM&Hp NetServer


regarding the netserver agents :
Install the latest toptools agents, Configure SNMP protocol to send the traps to the HPSIM server. Hpsim should discover your servers and identify them and monitor them as well. You cannot install insight agents on netservers. The Version control agent is not supported as well as Performance management pack. You can use the VPMP and VMMP on netservers. Hpsim will provide you with the ability to do some fault management, reporting, automation (actions on events : send pager, email on reception of critical alerts). Toptools remote control card within a netserver should also be discovered and associated to it in HPSIM (mp column).

Toptools agents can be downloaded here :

HPSIM can be downolade here :

Regarding the integrtion of HPSIM in NNM for solaris : see details here, but the ansewer is yes.

Best regards

Frederic Passeron
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