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Re: HP SIM and DHCP for workstations

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HP SIM and DHCP for workstations



I would like to ask you how to deal DHCP and Error msgs in Health status HP SIM. The problem is that HP SIM is periodicaly checking managed systems. But one of our workstation chaned its IP  (Because of DHCP) and even it is back online again SIM still shows "NAME" "OLDIP" as unreachable. Do i need to do periodical discovery task for whole subnet? if i try to discovery a system just by  its name DNS reverse lookup returns name of some station which had that IP before and then i have "NAME" "OLDIP" = Unreachable in Critical Health Status and "NEWIP" without a name in Noraml Health status. So how to fix this. I do not want to manage only servers, but desktops and notebooks as well.





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Re: HP SIM and DHCP for workstations

What does the Management Protocols section of the Device Page say? (Click on the old IP entry in SIM and look at the bottom of the 2nd table)

If the only thing you have in there is Ping then the workstation has no way of checking in to SIM to notify it of change.

If you have the workstations sending SNMP traps to SIM, or SIM is subscribed to WBEM indications, then when the IP changes the system should eventually notify SIM of an event and SIM will then see based on Serial number and such that the device is an existing device with a new IP.



I would also look in the first table at the name/ip address.

If the hostname correct?  If you ping the name do you get the new IP?

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Re: HP SIM and DHCP for workstations

Dear Casper,


Yes you are right there is only PING. But first time when i discovered values (which are NAME and OLDIP now) i had only system creditials and i got system DNS name, ip and status in SIM. Now when i do the same to NEWIP i get only status and that IP. No DNS name (so  HP SIM can not pair it with already discovered records). To your questions yes hostname is correct and yes if i try to ping hostname i get new ip.


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