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HP SIM and Dell servers


HP SIM and Dell servers

I added our Dell PowerEdge servers to HP SIM. SIM automaticcally detected Product Name as PowerEdge 1855 or PowerEdge 1955 but left system type to Unknown. I have Server Administrator also installed on Dell servers.

First thing i did, i downloaded new dell mibs and imported them. Did all by manual. Then my server were identified as type "Server" but Product name was changed to what i wrote down to "Product name" value when specifying SNMP System type (Manage System Type). Problem is all PowerEdge 1855 and PowerEdge 1955 were identified as same type.

I removed the SNMP system type identifier and then all Dell servers turned back to "Unknown" systems with correct product names.

Then i installed Pegasus WMI Mapper to some dell servers, and then some Dell servers turned into "Servers". All those servers had Virtual Management Pack installed. Servers with WMI Mapper but without VMM stayed "Unknown"

So atm most of my Dell servers have correct product name but "Unknown" System type. Except servers with Pegasus WMI Mapper and Virtual Management Pack.

Is there a way to turn all those "Unknown" types to "Server"? All ideas are welcome.

Thank you all in advance.