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I installed HP SIM couple of week ago with the idea of having a patch solution for our ESXi environment (install software & firmware but i cant get it to do what i need.

The installation should be fine as i used the guided wizard (not the custom one).. then I downloaded the SPP and uploaded into VCRM and after that I attached the baseline to couple of HP 585DL ESXi (5.5 version) servers we have in our lab. 

In HP-SIM I can see the HP installed software they have and also it compares against the baseline (its currently telling me that they have old software and the one in the baseline is newer).

After that i click on update to baseline, the process start and after 30 min more or less if finish rebooting the host. Then i ran a software scan of the host and find out that the installed software is still the same.

On the logs i'm seeing an XML formated output and at the end the below lines.

// Exit Code for Node 1
// HP Smart Update Manager for Node Finished Mon Aug 3 2015 08:06:41

I'm guessing the exit code 1 means something did not go write but i'm not sure what.

Does anybody know where should i keep searching? Any documentation that i might have missed?


Thanks in advance!


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Re: HP SIM and ESXi



You could start HPSUM, that's what you use and run it from a Windows or Unix server and scan the ESX server remote. Perhaps this will give more info. If i where you i would focus on HPSUM and also ask your question on the Proliant forum because this is not a real SIM question, you start HPSUM remote from HP SIM.


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