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HP SIM and HyperV R2 Clients

Devvyn Satie
Occasional Visitor

HP SIM and HyperV R2 Clients


I've got 4x Hyper-V R2 servers and a single 2008 R2 management server with HP SIM installed on the management server.

I've gone through and got all the host servers to report to HP SIM finally but I'm having trouble getting the VM guests to register to what host they are on. (like how the iLos link to their actual server)

I've discover all the hosts and they are reporting fine, but HP SIM doesn't seem to allocate them to any host. The hosts are allocating themselves to a cluster (which is fine) but not the guests to the host\cluster.

I haven't been able to find anything to fix this issue yet, any help or suggestions would be appriecated.


Devvyn Satie
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP SIM and HyperV R2 Clients

Forgot to mention:

HP SIM (brand new installation) v6.0
All HP software on the host servers have been updated to the latest versions. I've configured SNMP on the guests to go to the host server as well.