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HP SIM and MOM 2005

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Thomas Olsen_1
Frequent Advisor

HP SIM and MOM 2005

Hi all

We currently have an installation of MOM 2005 on 2 BL20p G3 servers; one is the "back-end" SQL server and the other is the MOM "front-end" server. Both are dual CPU and 2GB of RAM. I am currently looking at HP SIM in a lab environment, but will install it in production soon.
My question is then, If I can utilize the two servers I am currently using for MOM to run HP SIM as well?
The amount of server to monitor with both MOM and SIM will be no more than 40. SIM will probably monitor up to 100 network devices (printers, switches, routers, WLAN AP's, etc) as well.

Appreciate some help.


Aravindh Rajaram
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM and MOM 2005

Yes, you can go ahead and use the same servers.

You can also have a look at
Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM and MOM 2005

we have similar environment.
MOM 2005 monitor 60 servers and Insight manager monitor about 1000 nodes.
HP SIM SQL database and MOM SQL databases
(MOM reporting DB as well) installed on ML370 G4 dual CPU and 4 Gb RAM and SmartArray 6400 (and this server have some additional duties - e.g. primary Symanatec antivirus server and Veritas Backup Exec server)
MOM server and Insight manager installed on single CPU with 1 Gb RAM.
SQL server works perfect and not heavy loaded, second server probably need more RAM (but you already have 2 Gb, right?)

P.S. Did you see HP Management Packs for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 ?
Thomas Olsen_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM and MOM 2005

Thank you both for your feedback.

I had a look at the sizer, and it looks like a good tool.

I have already installed the HP Management Pack for MOM.

It looks like from what you are saying that it will work fine to install SIM in my MOM environment.

Thanks a lot.