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HP SIM - cimauth settings on HPUX managed node 11iv3

Tom Haddad
Super Advisor

HP SIM - cimauth settings on HPUX managed node 11iv3

I have about 12 managed nodes...all HPUX.
Only 1 at this time is 11iv3 ..others 11iv2.
I utilized the same CIMAUTH setting ono all servers. Instead of user root in the setttings i created a specific account (ie simserv).
Heres an example CIMAUTH..
simserv, root/cimv2, "rw"
On my (windows) CIM management server, i used this same account when setting the system credentials for each HPUX node.

Operationally all is running fine.
Only at times I received this warning from the 11iv3 server...

...bmxpr9 cimserver[4036]: PGS17200: Authentication failed for user simserv.

Is there any 11iv3 issues I need to be aware of or new documentation related to the implementation. For this issue, can I use this custom (simserv) account for 11iv3 nodes or do I need to use ROOT...?