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HP SIM connecting to blades

Occasional Contributor

HP SIM connecting to blades

hi all

i am new hp sim i have c7000 enclosure and hpsim is installed on one of the blades i have the following

1) all the blades have a network card in the raange of

2) all the ilo of the blades including the onboard administrator are in the range of


- if i run the discovery using the range of  hp sim does not identify the servers as blades and does not put them under c-class system collection

-if i run it using the range of the ilo hpsim identify the servers as blades but does not identify the operating system installed on them and i cannot install the agent as it is not the ip of the os

- if i run in on both of them i get duplicated record


while the system where hpsim is installed is identified correctly when using the discovery in the range of


please advice i am stucked


jim goodman
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP SIM connecting to blades

Hi Alainyaza - you didn't really give a whole lot of details, but perhaps this will help.


Are the blades coming up as unknown?


Are you adding Administrator/Root level Sign-in credentials in the discovery?


Full Discovery requires:

HTTP, SMH (web service and the System Management Homepage)

plus at least one OS management protocol SNMP or WBEM in this case


You have no agents/providers installed, should include these in your build process but in this case they aren't there so all you can get is a basic discovery from the Windows OS via WMI (WBEM), if it is not Windows you may have to manually install your agents or providers.


Once you have the discovery you can run Configure Repair Agents to put some agents on the blade, configure SNMP, Trust Relationship for SMH in the same job then after that completes re-run the Identify Systems task you'll need to enter Administrator level credentials to run the task.


You can also leverage the Initial Proliant Support Pack Install task as well to push an entire Support Pack from the CMS (6.3 earlier) if 7.0 use the Install Software Firmware and select your OS and Support Pack Bundle.


Just for reference the Help system (User Guide) or the Install Guide will get you started understanding the discovery process.

Valued Contributor

Re: HP SIM connecting to blades



did you configure the Onboard Administrator of the Enclosure correctly?


 - Enable XML Reply under Network Access

 - entered HP SIM IP Adress and SNMP Community under SNMP Settings (and enabled SNMP)

 - implemented certificate and changed trust mode to "trust by certificate" under Users/Authentication --> HP SIM Integration


also be sure that no firewall is blocking the necessary ports between your HP SIM Server and the managed systems.




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Re: HP SIM connecting to blades


thanks for your fast reply

yes the type of the servers appear as unknown also the type of the cms server which is also a blade server appear as server and does not appear under c-class blade system collection.


guys my question is should i include the 2 ranges (the one of the ilo and the one of the os ) in the descovery or only one and if which which one?

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Re: HP SIM connecting to blades

hi guys

please let somebody reply in my case where the servers are blade servers

should i include 2 ranges in the discovery?

   range1: it is the range of the ilo of the servers

   range2: it is the range of ip on a network card on the operating system of each blade


or the range should be only range2?

jim goodman
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Re: HP SIM connecting to blades

Yes 2 Ranges is a best practice


1 discovery for iLo

1 discovery for the OS


Fuller description for the best practice check out this blog post

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Re: HP SIM connecting to blades

thanks a lot  jim.

but jim i am having duplicated record for each server

jim goodman
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP SIM connecting to blades

Can you post a screen captured example of what you are seeing? Shouldn't be any duplicate records, unassociated records are possible, duplicates should not be.


Remember Management Processor and Server are two distinct system types and will have 2 distinct records in SIM.


A screen capture will certianly help, if you don't want to post it publically send it to my email jim.goodman AT