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HP SIM email notification

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HP SIM email notification


i'm just setup a new installation of HPSIM 5.2 under windows, every thing works fine with monitoring 10 HP ProCurve switches and some more HP Proliant Servers.

The only thing i can't get to work is email notification an Serverity Problems.

I just want to get informed when a harddisc failure occured or a Powersupply is damaged or disconnected or on any other failure.

HP SIM is reporting a Minor/Major failure at the Overview website. Then i'm able to connect to the Management Processor or HP SMH and see that a failure happens.

But i won't get any email about the failure, where do i setup this at HPSIM ?

Email Communitcation is working, because i'm getting this stupid "Successful Sign-In" and "Sign-Out" emails but nothing about events.

I hope someone can help me out.

Thank you
Victor G

Re: HP SIM email notification

You need to set up SNMP on your monitored nodes to send SNMP traps to your HP SIM server.

This will generate an email for events such as disk failure.

There are plenty of threads in this forum discussing this