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HP SIM ignores SNMP "Systemname"

Dennis Hückelheim
Occasional Contributor

HP SIM ignores SNMP "Systemname"


today I added all our printers to the HP SIM. After adding all the new system types, all printers are indenfied as Printer but most of these printers are added with theier IP as systemname. SNMP requests includes the systemname:

.iso. = ""
.iso. = "DA00" Hex: 44 41 30 30
.iso. = ""

But SIM ignores it. Any idea why?
Newton S
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM ignores SNMP "Systemname"

HP SIM resolves Device names from DNS Server (DNS server configured on SIM server OS),if DNS doesnt return a name,it will Set to IP.

So Add a Host entry for all your printers in DNS server.