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HP SIM integration with EVA 8100


HP SIM integration with EVA 8100

I have been searching google and the forums quit a lot and seem to be stuck on the same thing as described in this topic:

The point is:
* I added my HP SIM service account to the "EVA Storage Admins" on the Command View Server
* I did a discovery followed by an identification of the Command View Server
* After the identification the EVA's show up in my Storage Devices in SIM
* I change their wbem authentication settings to the HP SIM account
* I have basic EVA info (type, protocols, name,...) but no port, disk, ... info
* I run an overwrite data collection which succeeds -> i have port, disk, ... info tabs but they display "No data available".
* I check the Tools and links -> data collection report --> all info is filled in and verified that it's actually updated with new info such as adding a vdisk.
* whenever I try to run an append of the data collection the task seems to hang and fail many many hours later.

P.S. wbemdisco also gives a satisfying output, so wbem authentication should be fine.
Any ideas?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM integration with EVA 8100

HP SIM will use the credentials supplied for WBEM in either the Global Protocol Settings or the System Protocol Settings when it goes to connect. Do you have that filled in?

Re: HP SIM integration with EVA 8100


Thnx for looking further into this.

I do have the WBEM settings specified on both the Command View Server HP SIM object and the EVA storage array HP SIM objects.

The fact that i can actually add a vdisk, run an overwrite (not append) data collection and then see it appear in the "eva -> tools&links -> data collection report" means this all goes well. It's actually display this information on the EVA general info page in HP SIM that goes wrong.

And actually the Data Collection taks in apending mode which hangs...

Looking forward for an answer!