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HP SIM monitoring EVA via Command View EVA

stephen kilburn_1
Occasional Contributor

HP SIM monitoring EVA via Command View EVA

I am running HP SIM version 5 with sp5 on a Windows 2003 server and trying to monitor two EVA's EVA5000 and EVA6000. I have Command View EVA version 5.0.3 running on a seperate Windows 2003 server which is monitoring those EVA's successfully.
I have installed the SMI-S provider software 'Pegasus CIMOM' onto the same server as the Command View EVA software. When installing this I entered a password for the CIM-WBEM as 'administrator'.
I then used the command WBEMDISCO from my HP SIM server to try and test the configuration of the Pegasus installation and kept getting the error CIM_ERR_ACCESS_DENIED with user CIM-WBEM and administrator password. I then tried user administrator and pass the same and received the same error. I found the cimuser command and from DOS on the Command View server I tried 'cimuser -l' and this dispalyed no cim users, so i added a user as administrator with same password via cimuser command.
Tried the WBEMDISCO again with administrator user and pass and this didn't have an access error, it displayed;

"C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager>wbemdisco hydranew 5989 root/pg_interop administrator administrator
HOST = hydranew
PORT = 5989
NAMESP = root/pg_interop
USER = administrator
PASSWD = *****
Connect to hydranew in namespace root/pg_interop with SSL=true

Enumerating instances of CIM_RegisteredProfile...

Press any key to continue . . .

This is all i get and the hp docs show a much larger display of infromation, HP SIM will not discover the EVA's.

Can someone help me complete this installation so I can view my EVA's via SIM ?

Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM monitoring EVA via Command View EVA

Look at this one,look like the same problem you have

Maurice Skubski_1
Valued Contributor

Re: HP SIM monitoring EVA via Command View EVA

have you installed the right SMI-S Version? Check: http://h18006.www1.hp.com/storage/smis-matrix.html if you have the right version!
Login and password is default: administrator! then it should work and you can see at least the EVA Ports, LUNs and the Space information. hope this helps. ms
stephen kilburn_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP SIM monitoring EVA via Command View EVA

Thanks for the replies, I have read the issues from the links you have quoted and they don't quite show the exact issue I am having.
I have Command View EVA (new patched version) and according to the SMI Matrix on previous reply the most current SMI-S EVA software is V 5.1 where as the install disk for Command View Eva only loaded V 5.0.
I will install V5.1 of SMI-S EVA now and try again.
Thanks for the comments.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM monitoring EVA via Command View EVA

You may want to try CommandView 6. I did a new CV installation here using CV 6 and this has now worked without any problems. I had repeated problems with CV 5.

I'm seeing both of my EVA's in HPSIM and all of the data has been populated from the SMI-S interface.

You may need to contact your HP support person in order to obtain the software.